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Pure gold is 24kt and offers a deep and rich color. Unfortunately, 24kt jewelry is very soft and can be damaged easily. Jewelry made with 24kt gold must have a special stamp of individuality.What's in a name? The giver has acknowledged that you are unique and has identified you among the others. In the Bible, there are stories of how names were given and changed in order to define a person. This is true of Sarai who was later changed to Sarah when Divine intervention promised that she would no longer be barren.Remember when dentists used gold fillings? After years of wear and tear gold fillings need to be replaced with a new filling. The dentist will remove the gold filling but will replace it with something else. And it is not just in fillings. You may have gold in your bridges, crowns, or inlays all of which can be sold as scrap gold. If you have already paid for the filling why throw it away? You will probably get more than what it had cost you since the worth of gold has risen so much!TIP: Height does play a role in choosing the right necklace length. For an attractive look, short or petite women should avoid long necklaces or earrings that will negatively accentuate their height, making them look more diminutive. Likewise, voluptuous women should stay away from fragile, small pieces, which can disappear on a larger frame.Gold Name Necklace This mother's necklace includes a silver or gold pendant that has mommy's name on it and her birthstone. Some may even have two silver pendants where one is for mommy's name and the other is for her birth date. Pendants come in various size and shapes that is personalized for mother. The engraving of the names and dates are personally done depending on the request of the customer.Apothecary- This is every woman's secret pleasure: pampering herself. A set of bath and body oil, a scented candle and an eye pillow to help her relax while in the tub would simply make your mother feel relaxed. After all, the simple things in life are what make life sweeter and more meaningful.This mother's necklace may be produced as a single or a double pendant necklace. The baby's or mommy's name is engraved on the pendant including the birth date. Some would ask for additional pendants and stones that come in different shapes and colors.Gold, with its deeper hue, is not only the hot metallic to own and wear right now, but it's currently very high in value. Gold has maintained its status as a precious and valuable stone throughout time due to its ability to withstand the test of time. Gold will never erode or tarnish but instead will keep its beautiful stature. As , gold can be worn and loved by the many future generations of women in your family.