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55 chevy bel air -; The 1955 chevrolet bel air Air is magnificently styled, and regardless of the two-tone paint job, chrome trim, hood ornaments, fins, and more, it's still in some way understated in its style. There's no excess in this piece of rolling American exceptionalism. It's a true masterpiece of vehicle styling, a testimony to what automotive designers can do when permitted to put style ahead of all else.
See all 14 photosDipping into the throttle and taking a look at the sun-swept California hillside rolling out prior to me frees me of ideas of impending death. The Bel Air's engine isn't feeling well todaya most likely vacuum concern limiting the cars and truck to about 15 mph (or 110 mph if the speedo is to be believed) but it doesn't matter.
It even manages decently, especially when compared with the '49 Cadillac likewise on hand. After spending some time driving and appreciating the Bel Air, it's not hard to see how it won our hearts.