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You really need one screen to income. I used to obtain six screens at one point because I felt I want to to obtain a "pulse" that are available. You never need that many screens. The mind can't even process everything that information. I only found myself more stressed, more tense, and making horrible decisions involving all data that was flashing to the front of my eyes. When i got rid of the unnecessary screens, my decision making became better and Observed myself less fatigued.After experience removed unwanted and junk files, software etc simple to de-fragment your hard disk. This is because Windows stores files in pieces on your hard disk where ever it finds some distance. De-fragmentation will join the broken associated with the files into one piece thus reducing CPU load as a result optimizing the data access time.Another trick to make your computer is to swap your begin with configuration. Much more positive open your computer, many programs automatically open if you start in. This can take memory and space making your PC slower. Devices needed to have to conduct is to click the start menu, and select run. Enter in the space provided "msconfig." This will lead which choose which programs should start means positivity . start . Leave necessary programs such as anti-virus programs which you may need. Doing this easy action to create your PC work more speedily.First of all, you can delete the unwanted loading orders in the "config.sys" and "autoexec.bat". Normally, all the orders in the current two folders can be removed without. You can click "Start" > "Run" and type "MSCONFIG". Previously Computer tips popping up windows of "System Configuration Utility", you are feeling free to cross the ticks of "config.sys" and "autoexec.bat". After doing that, you could find it is faster to new computer without those useless files.Your PC might in addition have a fragmented drive or the windows registry might are corrupted. It might also be because of this dust and dirt that you should be cleaned. Whatever the problem, invariably you could find a resolution. Here are some tips to make your pc run faster.How are you get to Windows Explorer? Easy! Left click relating to the start button in the left corner of your screen. Find 'All Programs' with an arrow pointing to the and hold your mouse pointer regarding this until bigger menu arises. Move your pointer to the most effective and then (usually) right up until it arrives at the Folder "Accessories". Gets hotter does, recption menus expands display what has that folder (other folders and programs), simply move your pointer to finest and along the list until it lands on Windows Traveler.Identify the cause: Initially identify what caused it that keeps computer restarting. It can be some virus or spyware effect. Or possible some registry file corruption.