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I know exactly how friendly and also welcoming individuals in Caucasus can be however I attempt to state in Azerbaijan citizens were an entire new degree of being nice. From the moment I entered the Azeri train at Tbilisi train terminal I felt truly taken care of! I presume it could have something to do with the truth I was travelling solo and citizens felt like they have to look after me. En route back I took the marshrutka from Qax to Tbilisi. This time around the policeman was more significant looking and not so nice yet his major issue was why I do not have a visa to Georgia (because we don't require one? I may get in Georgia with my ID just if I intend to).Do not take food or drink from people or unfamiliar people you have actually just met, as well as constantly keep an eye on beverages you've gotten. Stay aware of your valuables-- Petty burglary and pickpocketing are unusual right here as the federal government (which is a tyranny) penalizes thieves rather roughly.But also for potential visitors to the country, it's certainly one excellent reason why. Our team of reporters is being transported by bus to the European Gamings acrobatics venue to see Azerbaijan's brilliant young points practise. We're being whipped via the National Gallery of History at the speed of time traveling itself. And after that I get here in the centre of the city, down by the shore of the Caspian Sea, as well as the charm of Baku exposes itself.I haven't seen it on such a huge range anywhere else-- men in Azerbaijan were really chivalrous. In Baku city whenever a female entered the carriage they were jumping off to offer her a seat. It wasn't just for older females but every single one, they gave me seats few times also. The city is very contemporary, with some intriguing recent design (I might have spent hrs simply admiring Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid, such an appeal!). The old community was the closest to the picture of "One Thousand as well as One Night" I had in my mind and roaming about was such a satisfaction, like I was transformed to the times of Islamic Golden Age.It is also residence to some really futuristic building and constructions funded by the nation's oil wide range, such as the 3 Flame Towers, which are covered in LED displays that display dance fires. It might not address the question of "Where?" when it involves Azerbaijan. As well as it doesn't offer several ideas regarding what I'm doing here.In a true White manner everyone drives like crazy in Azerbaijan. It's still not as negative as in Georgia, where I claim good bye to my life during every second trip but still travelling around made my heart beat much faster couple of times. Sadly the roads aren't often in the very best problem to ensure that combined with the insane driving made all my trips around quite daring.Back in the very early 20th century, Azerbaijan underwent its first oil boom, as well as engineers from throughout Western Europe were appointed to design buildings for the expanding city. The outcome is an enchanting mix of building designs, really stunning buildings that line the city's traffic-choked streets. When circumnavigating you might see a photos of one guy, literally all over. It's Heydar Aliyev, a previous head of state of Azerbaijan that ruled the country between 1993 and 2003 (as well as in the past was a really famous individual under the Soviet program).He advised me Azerbaijan won't permit me back if they decline my entrance to Georgia. And he really did not really think me that I do not require a visa, he inspected few times on a handwritten piece of paper he had alongside the key-board yet at some point offered me a leave destroy of Azerbaijan. The boundary was around midnight and also every little thing went instead efficiently.The majority of site visitors originated from Russia and Arab countries, due to the distance, exact same religion and also similar society. So do not anticipate Azerbaijan to be off the course because it is really not, it's just the different kind of vacationers that you anticipate. Fortunately, despite having so many tourists around, it had not been difficult to locate a decent Baku holiday accommodation.However, minor burglary does happen once in a while in busy outside markets in Azerbaijan, in addition to on the Baku metro and also other public transportation. When you're in crowded places as well as don't show off anything expensive, be extra mindful of your personal belongings. Considering that the country is ruled by a strongman who wants quite to boost tourist to the nation, crimes against site visitors are basically uncommon. While the sightseeing and tour locations could not be popular, there are lots of things to see as well as do in Azerbaijan. The funding, Baku, has unique architecture, including great deals of Parisian-style buildings from the 19th century.