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There are many ways to use golf training to play a stronger game. A competitive golfer must have flexibility, core stability, and an awareness of their body, as well as strength and muscular endurance. While it is possible to become a good golfer by simply playing rounds of golf, to become a stronger player, focus on each of these areas separately.Adding cardiovascular workouts and weight training will build strength and endurance. Pilates and yoga workouts increase flexibility and core strength. All of these workouts have a positive affect on the golf game without investing more time and money on the golf course. Once on the golf course, the golfer will be stronger and more flexible, making it easier to concentrate on instructions. Sport invested with a golf pro taking lessons can focus on specific weakness in the golf game or general work. A good golf pro will be able to observe the student and determine what areas of the game need the most work. Common trouble areas include help with the swing and set-up.There are Clothing that can develop with the swing, and, without dedicated work, these bad habits become difficult to eradicate. The golf pro will work with the student to adjust the position and speed of the swing, and help him or her develop an eye for distance.Work with the set-up typically concentrates on the student's grip, alignment and stance. Many individuals find it difficult to maintain balance for the best possible set-up, and quickly revert to old patterns unless they have someone nearby to critique their form.Physical issues are not the only concerns when working to improve the golf game. Golf relies heavily on a strong mental game. Working with a golf pro can help strengthen that mental edge needed to successfully sink a key putt or stay focused on the game when performing poorly. Developing mental toughness requires a different set of skills than improving the physical game, however, and not all golf pros focus on this skill. Anyone having trouble with the mental aspect of their game should speak with the potential instructor before signing up for lessons to make sure this is something the instructor focuses on.Aside from working with a golf pro and becoming more physically fit, working on the all-important golf swing by hitting into a net and practicing the short game on a putting green will improve anyone's golf game. The key component of improving the golf game is to practice consistently. Once weekly lessons or trips to the putting green will not result in improvements, and may actually lead to injury. Perform strength training and cardio between lessons, set up a net in the backyard to work on swing, and talk to the golf pro about the best way to improve between sessions.