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What is Medical Marijuana? Chemicals present within the marijuana plant are useful in curing many diseases or illnesses. It is the means of using unprocessed plant or its primary extracts to cure a illness or a symptom. This is why many states in US have legalized the use it. China is said to be the primary country that started utilizing medicinal weed. How is it used? It can be taken in varied ways. While other well being professionals feel that it is more useful whether it is eaten. Smoking is one other manner of taking marijuana into the physique for healing the disease. Some medical physicians put together it in liquid type for drinking. Many marijuana medical doctors prescribe using marijuana by crushing it and utilizing it as an ointment or in a poultice. There are some unwanted side effects too of Marijuana, which really don't last lengthy. 1. Controls Epileptic Seizures: It is vitally useful in stopping epileptic seizures.

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