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Where to go in VietnamIf you’re in a bunch, you possibly can share the price, making it less expensive to journey. The quality of accommodation in Cambodia isn’t as good either — there were a couple of instances when I felt slightly susceptible and isolated in my soiled residence stay or hostel. Lots of tours, actions, and journeys need to be done by tuk tuk.Both Cambodia and Vietnam are very secure places to journey and dangers which might be frequent in the west, like pickpockets and violent crime, are nearly non-existent. Bag-snatching can happen in Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City though, so don’t dangle your purse temptingly by the side of a busy street. In Cambodia, the upscale vacationer market is smaller, so yow will discover wonderful resorts and nice boutique resorts on the similar worth as you might pay for a Motel 6 or Best Western somewhere else.Day 6: Koh RongMore international interests are transferring into the country and developing Cambodia for mass tourism, so when you’re gonna go, go soon. If you've the finances for a little more luxury, then Cambodia has the edge. Vietnam welcomes a lot of wealthy vacationers from China, Korea, and Russia, so their luxury properties are usually busier and due to this fact be able to charge extra.Many scams are targeted at young males, and involve extreme consuming, medicine, and sex. If you avoid stupid and unlawful behaviours, you need to be OK.However, an eVisa will restrict your entry factors into Laos to the Wattay International Airport, Luang Prabang International Airport, or the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge.My meals tour information Miss Moon models my glass of fresh beer in Hanoi.Beer in Cambodia is a bottle of Angkor. In each Vietnam and Cambodia nearly each tourist bar and restaurant has joyful hour – usually lasting a lot of the day.In many places, 2-for-1 blended drinks and cocktails could be had for $2.50 or a little more. In Cambodia, the main destinations are served by bus, while extra off-the-overwhelmed-monitor destinations are related by mini bus. If you’re going means off the tourist map, you may need to hire a motorbike or tuk tuk.Day 4: Phnom Penh Visit Royal Palace And Mekong Sunset CruiseMost travel is finished by bus, so the ticket value stays the identical whether or not you’re by yourself or in a group. There are loads of clean, low cost hostels virtually anyplace you would wish to go. And when you like your privateness, you can get a pleasant spotless non-public lodge room for around $12.Is Hanoi better than Ho Chi Minh?Hanoi is better preserved & has a lot more to see during the day; Saigon has friendlier people and much better nightlife & a wider choice of restaurants. For culture, history, parks, lakes, fascinating street life, architecture (traditional Vietnamese and French colonial) and much much more, Hanoi wins by a mile.