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WordPress is designed to make it easy to create a content-rich website, which many people have found regularly attract significant numbers of free visitors from the search engines.For anyone who is interested in making money from their WordPress site(s), the next question is how to add some adverts to their site. But WordPress Goldmine - Internet Marketing 101 is where things get a little bit complicated.You see, while WordPress has all sorts of features built in to create and manage articles, together with the links to the articles, site structure and so on, there is little or no support for how to add adverts.Sure, a programming expert can quickly figure out where to paste the code for their ads, but what about the rest of us? The answer is of course the host of WordPress advert plugins that are specifically designed to help non-coders like you and me to quickly and easily add adverts to our sites.Having tested literally How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines Visitors of the options over the last few years allow me to tell you about three WordPress advert plugins that I think work best for most situations.Firstly the OIO Publisher advert plugin is the best solution for adding paid adverts to your WordPress site. That is, if you want to allow other companies to pay to place adverts on your site then this is the plugin that you want to use.Secondly if you are looking at add AdSense adverts to your site then the WhyDoWork plugin makes this quick and simple to achieve. WordPress Membership Website - Good Way to Amass Large Funds in your AdSense code to a box, decide where you want the adverts to appear from a range of options and then click the button. Your ads will start showing immediately.The last WordPress advert plugin I want to mention is for affiliate marketers who want to add banners, text links and so on to their sites. This plugin is known as WpSplitTester and not only allows you to quickly add adverts to your site, but to even track their results to see which ones make you the most money.