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Jakenovel - Chapter 305 touch rely reading-p1Novel-Dragon King's Son-In-Law-Dragon King's Son-In-LawChapter 305 vase cooing half a chance angie stone Oldman Zeng was exhilarated at his terms . In the end, as the disciple of Qiu Niu, Minor Daoist Zhen couldn't consume his own ideas, proper? my husband extend my life with his money On the other hand, Zhen Congming didn't appeal it he threw it for the reef in which he have been sitting .Oldman Zeng was exhilarated at his ideas . All things considered, since the disciple of Qiu Niu, Very little Daoist Zhen couldn't eat their own words and phrases, ideal?Oldman Zeng as well as the six elders moved the carriages to Zhen Congming and withstood aside quietly .If Little White-colored didn't want them, he could still take them . At the idea, Hao Ren had out about three fundamental Heart and soul Replenishment Tablets and swallowed them .Oldman Zeng was exhilarated at his words and phrases . All things considered, being the disciple of Qiu Niu, Minimal Daoist Zhen couldn't consume their own words, ideal?Oldman Zeng pressured himself to remain calm his system s.h.i.+vered when Very little Daoist Zhen demolished that pearl, but he didn't dare to wipe out Qiu Niu's disciple .He was stingy with everybody except Small Bright . Naturally, Small Whitened was his variety and a serious intelligent being .All of the pearls in the carriage was as huge as a child's palm, very clear and flawless . Deadly Greetings The sensitive pearl shattered, and the milky white colored natural powder declined on the land surface .Oldman Zeng gasped on the vision . He desired to display his sincerity and had taken out each one of these treasures, and he believed Tiny Daoist Zhen's storage containers s.p.a.ce wouldn't be capable to have every one of the treasures . He anticipated Small Daoist Zhen to have some of the best .He was quite content with a result of his test out .Every single carriage was filled respectively with agate, pearls, crystals, corals, bright jade, and ember .Zhen Congming glanced their way, snorted, and walked casually towards the carriage packed with pearls . He gathered an individual peal and studied it properly .Section 305: Plunder. Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated The concept on Oldman Zengs classic experience modified 5 times before he compressed out a smile with gritted the teeth . Little Daoist Zhen, make sure you wait around a moment basically we make them! Then he rode his journey dharma treasure into the dragon palace via the collapsed most important entrance . Zhen Congming viewed Oldman Zengs back and felt the satisfaction of revenge . He transformed to view Hao Ren and calculated . 70Percent on the loot goes to me, so you acquire the sleep . Very little Whitened has the a couple of things . Are you experiencing any objections? Although Oldman Zeng was still in, Zhen Congming already identified the allocation from the loot, expressing his overall disdain for the Western side Water Dragon Palace . If it had been in earlier times, the Western Ocean Dragon Palace wouldnt have accepted overcome so easily despite the fact that Very little Daoist Zhen was Qiu Nius disciple . Nevertheless, strongest cultivators within the To the west Water Dragon Palace had been all seriously injured at this time, and not one of them could combat against Minor Daoist Zhens extremely dharma treasures . I dont need nearly anything . You can easily give Minor Bright white the three products, Hao Ren claimed . The deterioration of half of the Western Seashore Dragon Palace was already beyond his goals, and this man didnt mind offering Minimal Daoist Zhen all of the loot . Ability to hear Hao Rens terms, Zhen Congming nodded immediately he never hid his greed . He was very stingy, and it might be a wonder if a person got a bit of supplies or reduced-tier dharma treasures from him . Very little Bright swam around Zhen Congming, and Zhen Congming chatted by using it before excavating out a few great elixir pills and throwing them into Minor Whites lips . He was stingy with absolutely everyone except Minor White colored . In fact, Little White was his very own form and a good smart creature . Little White-colored swallowed the 3 wonderful elixir tablets, together with its hair sparkled with gold signals . If the great sets off disappeared, its your hair given back to its snow-white colored coloration . Big Spirit Returning Supplements! If Hao Ren knew what these elixir capsules were actually, he may have scolded Zhen Congming for his wasteful practices . Naturally, Main Heart and soul Coming back Capsules have been degree 6 elixir supplements that could instantaneously restore cultivators who were beneath the Base Business World as long as they didnt pass on a long time ago as well as their systems ended up effectively-preserved . Zhen Congming given Minimal Bright these levels 6 elixir capsules regarding their side-effects they may raise mindset beasts cleverness . To Zhen Congming, Minor White colored was still quite dumb, also it would take at the least 500 to 600 years for Minimal White-colored to switch on its intelligence without treatment . Having said that, if Minimal White colored remained with him, it might probably turn into a persons shape in a hundred years . Hao Ren witnessed very little Bright white swam around Zhen Congming he understood that the soul beast got signed up with Zhen Congmings camping . The Essence Replenishment Capsules he had kept up correctly were actually now beneath its recognize . If Little Bright white didnt want them, he could still take them . At this particular thinking, Hao Ren took out a couple of primary Basis Replenishment Capsules and swallowed them . The elixir supplements melted on his oral cavity before journeying down his neck to his dantian . Quickly, a spike of intensive essences flowed around his human body and replenished his shed energy . Zhen Congmings conch had used 80Percent of his character heart and soul . After food 3 Basis Replenishment Capsules, he noticed dynamic yet again . His dragon primary was just as before active and quickly began soaking up the copious essences in the system . He casually unveiled a sword strength, and it also divided the liquid and picture further within the ocean 1,000 meters out . 3 simple Basis Replenishment Pills have been enough to boost the energy of your cultivator who was on Zhen-amount and the Key Creation World . Hao Ren came to the realization the proper need for elixir pills in struggles using this working experience . Obviously, the fantastic result was partly due to Hao Rens Lighting Splitting Sword Shadow Browse that was a five-elemental farming technique . As soon as the elixir drugs moved into his physique, the process broken down the essences into a huge selection of amounts that had been then completely ingested by his dragon key . Though Hao Ren and Zhen Congming were resting, Oldman Zeng came back with six senior citizens and six carriages brimming with treasures over the collapsed door . Each carriage was loaded respectively with agate, pearls, crystals, corals, white-colored jade, and ember . Oldman Zeng and the six elders pushed the carriages to Zhen Congming and stood aside silently . Zhen Congming glanced at them, snorted, and walked casually on the carriage packed with pearls . He collected one particular peal and studied it cautiously . All of the pearls within the carriage was as huge as a childs palm, clear and faultless . Zhen Congming weighed the pearl in the hand in gratification before injecting somewhat mother nature essence with it . The pearl released a soft gleam . Within the mortal planet, it was a priceless treasure . On the other hand, Zhen Congming didnt benefit it he threw it at the reef where he has been resting . Split! The fragile pearl shattered, and also the milky white-colored powder declined into the land surface . Oldman Zeng forced himself to stay relaxed his entire body s.h.i.+vered when Very little Daoist Zhen ruined that pearl, but he didnt dare to eliminate Qiu Nius disciple . His only want was to take out this troublemaker as quickly as possible . Humph! Zhen Congming snorted at Oldman Zeng . He found several of the powder and rubbed it in their fingertips before finally standing up . He wasnt intending to utilize them for decor they had been gonna be utilised in generating dharma treasures . It didnt topic how attractive they had been once they had been not natural, they had been unproductive to him . He was quite pleased about caused by his test out . The six carriages of treasures ended up all very best-class products . Definitely, the Western Sea Dragon Palace obtained removed the best of their store . Discovering Hao Ren glancing in the treasures, Zhen Congming eyed him with suspicion . You asserted that you didnt would like them . He was afraid that Hao Ren would be sorry for his decision up against these types of great treasures . To inform reality, Hao Ren regretted it a bit as he observed the s.h.i.+ning treasures . On the other hand, he acquired concurred to stop the loot, so he had to make-believe that he didnt discover them . Zhen Congming launched his sleeves and aimed on the six carriages together with his left-hand, murmuring, Have! Swoosh… The s.h.i.+ning treasures hurried into his sleeves plus the six carriages . Oldman Zeng gasped at the eyesight . He planned to reveal his sincerity and needed out these treasures, and then he thought that Minimal Daoist Zhens storage area s.p.a.ce wouldnt manage to have every one of the treasures . He predicted Very little Daoist Zhen to adopt the very best . To his shock, Small Daoist Zhen acquired taken them all! Oldman Zengs cardiovascular system hurt so much which he almost choked! In fact, the To the west Seas Dragon Clans territories ended up not rich with sources, and it got undertaken the dragon palace 200 to 300 decades to gather those six carriages of treasures . Nevertheless, each of them started to be Little Daoist Zhens exclusive property within a instantaneous! He didnt know that Very little Daoist Zhens storage s.p.a.ce was, the truth is, a large warehouse as big as a huge soccer area! Right after applying aside the treasures, Zhen Congming shook his sleeves and checked out Oldman Zeng . Hey there! The place would be the a couple of items? Do you consider I have an awful memory? He demanded rudely . s.h.i.+vering, Oldman Zeng was in the vicinity of becoming the very first dragon cultivator to get a stroke . From a emotional struggle, he got out your a couple of objects and put them before Zhen Congming . The first merchandise was the Kirin Crimson Golden Crown . Along with the embroidered design of G.o.dly beasts and the best-quality purple precious metal threads, the crown was watertight and fireproof . The next thing was the Lotus Cloud Boot footwear . Hao Ren couldnt tell what resources these folks were created from, nonetheless they looked so lightweight and beautiful he experienced like they can travel at any moment . The next item was the Platinum Sequence Mail . The impressive sequence mailbox released s.h.i.+ning sterling silver lights, and Hao Ren believed that it ought to be an exceptionally highly effective dharma treasure . Finding the reluctant term on Oldman Zengs experience, Zhen Congming waved his fretting hand casually and mentioned, Dont fret, aged male . You think I might rob you? No, no… Oldman Zeng compressed out a smile . Do you reckon my huge brother would rob you? Zhen Congming requested just as before, pointing at Hao Ren . Oldman Zeng investigated Hao Ren and forced another smile . Certainly not… Zhen Congmings deal with fell . Then, why are you appearing so troubled? The 3 merchandise is for Small Bright . As long as they dont fit, Sickly return them for you personally! Then, he beckoned to Tiny White . Little Bright, appear below! Joyously, Minimal Bright white trotted with the standard water to Zhen Congmings side even though Hao Ren also walked to observe . Small Daoist Zhen found the Platinum Chain Snail mail and put it on Minimal White . The sequence email wouldnt physically fit if Very little Whitened changed into its snowfall lion shape . Even so, in the event it remained within the recent develop, the chain send was too large for it . Hao Ren had taken two ways forward and placed the footwear on Little Bright white . The Lotus Cloud Shoes or boots were definitely lighting as pieces of paper in the fingers, and this man raised Small Whites back legs and placed the shoes or boots in it . Zhen Congming then placed the crown on Minor Whites top of your head before standing upright . Using two shoes, one crown, as well as a chain mailbox, Tiny Whitened checked weird . Minimal Whitened shook its brain at Hao Ren, searching very uncomfortable . Perfectly, it seems like they do not healthy, Zhen Congming mentioned when he rubbed his chin and studied Little Whitened . Oldman Zeng was exhilarated at his words and phrases . In fact, as the disciple of Qiu Niu, Minimal Daoist Zhen couldnt actually eat his phrases, proper? He was relieved that this several ideal treasures from the Western Water Dragon Palace would resume his hands and fingers . He went forward and was approximately to consider them back when Zhen Congming found the three objects and said, But they will physically fit after some corrections . Two natural green fire showed up in Tiny Daoist Zhens palms, plus the chain snail mail crafted from platinum immediately dissolved . Now, Oldman Zeng was dumbfounded . The dharma jewel that has been passed down to him in the prior dragon ruler was now a tennis ball of metal liquid! He observed like he couldnt get it ever again!Using two shoes or boots, one crown, plus a sequence postal mail, Little White colored searched strange .Zhen Congming then place the crown on Minor White's head before standing up .To Zhen Congming, Small Bright white was still quite dumb, and also it would acquire at the very least 500 to 600 yrs for Minor White-colored to activate its learning ability naturally . Nevertheless, if Tiny White-colored remained with him, it will probably develop into the human type in a hundred years .Zhen Congming viewed Oldman Zeng's back and felt the satisfaction of vengeance . He converted to see Hao Ren and assessed . "70Per cent in the loot would go to me, and also you get the sleep . Minimal White has the about three items . Do you possess any objections?"Viewing the reluctant manifestation on Oldman Zeng's facial area, Zhen Congming waved his hand casually and mentioned, "Don't stress, ancient person . Do you reckon I might deprive you?"Zhen Congming checked out Oldman Zeng's back and experienced the pleasure of vengeance . He turned to see Hao Ren and measured . "70Per cent from the loot goes toward me, so you obtain the relax . Small Whitened will get the a few merchandise . Do you possess any objections?"Observing the hesitant expression on Oldman Zeng's encounter, Zhen Congming waved his fingers casually and reported, "Don't get worried, classic guy . You think I might deprive you?"Immediately after getting gone the treasures, Zhen Congming shook his sleeves and looked over Oldman Zeng .Oldman Zeng gasped with the eyesight . He wished to clearly show his sincerity and got out each one of these treasures, and he believed that Small Daoist Zhen's safe-keeping s.p.a.ce wouldn't be capable of acquire the many treasures . He envisioned Little Daoist Zhen for taking some of the finest .If Little Whitened didn't would like them, he could still bring them . During this thought, Hao Ren took out 3 basic Basis Replenishment Capsules and swallowed them .Several simple Essence Replenishment Capsules had been enough to replace the force of an cultivator who was on Zhen-stage or maybe the Central Creation Realm .All the pearls within the carriage was as huge as a child's palm, apparent and perfect .