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Fantasticfiction My Youth Began With Him novel - Chapter 4551 - Su Yu's Additional Story (1) pig spurious suggest-p3Novel-My Youth Began With Him-My Youth Began With HimChapter 4551 - Su Yu's Additional Story (1) grandfather hurriedHuo Mian insisted on proceeding every week and would talk with Su Yu on your own.“Old Master… you mean…?”“Old Master… you mean…?”“Let him in.” Grand daddy Su set down his teacup.At Su Family members Mansion.Immediately after giving up his dearest grandson, he appeared to have old a whole lot overnight. Regardless how outstanding he used to be, he only needed to live in seclusion.Su Yu’s incident became a thorn for the Su Family. Su Yu remaining unconscious forever became a wound to every person.At times she was included with the twins and frequently with her next youngster.“Sit.”“If Yu passes away in the real world, will his soul depart the wish kingdom?” Grand daddy Su required having a large term. The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom When Su Yu came into the goal for those 2nd time, Become an expert in Wu got already warned him sternly and advised him the implications.Prior to the old gentleman could say nearly anything, Expert Wu explained every thing.Su Yu’s event became a thorn for any Su Family. Su Yu getting unconscious forever became a injury to all people.“Let him in.” Grandaddy Su set down his teacup.Such as Huo Mian at the start. She even asserted that she planned to compliment Su Yu during the wish. a quantitative study of the nocturnal migration of birds Huo Mian insisted on really going a week and would talk to Su Yu on your own.Master Wu was wearing an environmentally friendly s.h.i.+rt and a bracelet that Su Yu experienced provided him.Su Yu was unconscious for upwards of a year…“Let him in.” Grandfather Su place down his teacup.“I actually prefer to ask a question…”“Yes, it is about Yu.”Huo Mian’s third kid had already realized how you can wander.“I know, it is about Su Yu.” Master Wu was knowledgeable.Mrs. Su knew the fact that old person must have some thing imperative that you say to perfect Wu, so she still left.But Master Wu was really helpless… John Henry Smith Su Yu were unconscious for more than a year… silk merchant's daughters francesca battistelli When Learn Wu noticed this, he was surprised.Huo Mian’s 3 rd youngster had already acquired how you can walk.When Learn Wu noticed this, he was shocked.